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Project Description

Hands-free elbow dispenser (1000ml)

Product description

  • High-quality wall mounted 1000 ml dispenser with elbow handle
  • Hands-free operation, for use in healthcare and food processing areas
  • 4-in-1 system for foam, liquid, gel and spray
  • Designed for optimal user-friendliness
  • Trouble free installation, service and maintenance
  • Stock indicator
  • Optionally with BioProtect security: Fooom’s unique, patented, lifetime guaranteed antimicrobial treatment for optimal hygiene


  • Excellent quality: 5 years warranty on every dispenser!
  • 100% made in Holland
  • Easy cleaning, to ensure safety and optimal hygiene
  • Invisible lock system, no service key needed
  • Available in a variety of fresh and stylish colors
  • Unlimited possibilities with different pump types and refill options, such as hand soap, sanitizer and other liquids related to skin care, cleaning & hygiene

Additional information

Refill Volume 1000 ml
Weight 360 g
Dimensions (L x W x H) 267 x 134 x 117 mm
Body material ABS, POM
Available body colors White, Black
Exclusive body colors Chrome brushed, Chrome high gloss, Gold
Handle material PP
Available handle colors Black, Fooom blue, Lilac, Lime green, White
Elbow handle material Glass reinforced PP
Packaging Individually packed, 6pcs per case

Refill options

Color variations