Fooom has successfully completed a pilot project with a series of TINK®  equipped dispensers. The TINK module precisely registers usage data concerning your dispensers, including usage frequency, number of visitors and filling intervals. The first extensive tests have proven that it is possible to predict the refill service life within 5% accuracy (<3 days in a 60 days lifespan). The data can be monitored 24/7, both on-line or through the special Fooom TINK mobile app, providing operators full control over their logistical business processes.

TINK module is a small, stand-alone unit that can easily be mounted inside the dispenser housing. It features a long-life battery, so there is no need for electric power lines. Retrofit TINK modules are available for upgrading existing Fooom dispensers. All Fooom are prepared to be equipped with a future TINK® module.

TINK offers:

  • Increased efficiency in the logistical process
  • Optimization of service routes
  • Transparent user behaviour

TINK® updates are still in progress. Please contact us for more information.